Gallery 2
Pictured to the right is an Oriental Ltd
GP30 that was factory painted in the "as
delivered" Chicago Great Western paint
scheme. It was stripped and repainted at
Dynamic Models as Chicago and
Northwestern #809. Photos courtesy of
Mark Ratzer.
This Chicago and Northwestern
caboose was imported by Overland
Models exclusively for North Shore
Models in Skokie, IL several years ago.
The model was painted at Dynamic
Models. All photos by Mark Ratzer.
The above model is an Overland Models, Inc. Southern Pacific SD45R from the 1999 run.  Many
improvements and updates were made to the model, including radiator and dynamic brake fans that
were offered by OMI, Cannon inertial grills and Sergent couplers.  Also used were lettering decals
offered at Dynamic Models.  The decal set can be viewed on the
Miscellaneous page.
SP SD45R #7457
ITLX 42017
Scroll down to see SP
SD45R 7457, ITLX 42017,
Amtrak 9370 and SP 2240.
ITLX 42017 is a Tangent Scale Models PS 4740
cubic foot covered hopper that was weathered
from a factory painted assembled model.  An
excellent picture of the prototype modeled can
be seen at
Amtrak 9370
Amtrak ex-SP dome from Union Terminal Imports
Southern Pacific chair car #2240 is from Union Terminal Imports,
weathered at Dynamic Models.
Southern Pacific